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For centuries, birch has been considered a sacred tree and a symbol of reborn life. It can live to a hundred years, and its light, wind-blown seeds take on the worst of habitats - sands, wastelands and clearings.

When you hang this picture in your favorite place, it will motivate you to be strong, brave and go through life with confidence.


Original painting, acrylic paints on the canvas panel, unframed.

The frame in the photos is not included, only for showing purpose


Author: Ryszard ludynia


BIRCH TREE (170) original acrylic painting on canvas panel 8"x10"

SKU: OP-170
    1. List #: 21/170
    2. Medium: acrylic
    3. Finish: unframed
    4. Created: 2021
    5. Dimensions of artwork: 8" x 10"
    6. Orientation: vertical
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