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Hand decorated glass jar with a cap. The screw-on lid allows you to store small items (not food) in the jar.

The Taurus zodiac sign and other ornaments are handmade of cold porcelain. The jar is painted with a special artistic paint giving the illusion of old age. The whole is covered with a protective varnish.

On the back of the jar there is an ornament of a woman's face so it will be a great gift for a Taurus woman.

Perfect decoration for any place.


Gently wash by hand.


DECORATED GLASS JAR Zodiac Taurus, Decorative Jar with a twisted lid

SKU: B-41
    1. Material: glass jar with a twisted cap, cold porcelain mass, paper, glue, paint, varnish
    2. Primary color: turquoise, gold
    3. Size: 10" x 4"


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