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Handmade with pumpkin yarns  80% acrylic + 20% wool and black accent. Decorated with spider clips, bats and foam beads.

Halloween Macramé, Halloween Decoration.

Perfect Halloween gift.

Due to the different possibilities of devices, the appearance of the actual product may differ slightly from pictures products placed on our website in suggesting shades of colors, contrasts, and sharpness

HALLOWEEN Macrame Wall Hanging 44, Halloween Macrame, acrylic & wool

SKU: OM-127
    1. Cord: acrylic and wool,
    2. Color: pumpkin, black accents
    3. Macramé dimensions: about 25" x 13"
    4. Dowels: top - 15", bottom - 15"
    5. Accessories: dowels, spider clips, bats, foam beads
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