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Handmade with the macramé weaves. 

Wine Bonnie Craft Cord.

Sand beads.
Beautiful decoration in the house, on the porch, in the garden.
Looks lovely with colorful flowers.

It is made with 4 mm Bonnie Craft Cord. In the room a very long time keeps color. On the outside, depending on the weather, can fade with time.

Can be used for almost any kind of pots with diameter up to 7-8".
Pot, glass, flowers – not included.

MACRAME PLANT HANGER 47 single, wine, 3 arms

SKU: PH-047
    1. Kind: single
    2. Arms: 3 (two thin one wide)
    3. Cord: Bonnie Craft Cord
    4. Color: wine
    5. Length: approximately (with pot inside) – 43", tail - 15"
    6. Accessories: beads, ring
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