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Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop

Learn the basics of macrame while making own plant hanger.

During this workshop you will get to know:

-how to begin a macrame piece, including an overview of necessary materials,

-how works three basic knots,

-how to create design, texture, and pattern within your piece by varying the knots as you work,

-what additional accessories you can use.

All supplies are provided so participants can take their new creation home, put in a potted plant, and enjoy it right away!


The pictures are only as a pattern.

MACRAME PLANT HANGER - Basic / Intermediate

SKU: WS-02
    • Time: 5.30 pm - 8 pm
    • Class Level: Beginner / Intermediate
    • Recommended Age: 16+ (younger person must come with a parent)
    • Class Size: 4
    • Teacher: Sabina Ludynia
    • Theme: Plant Hanger
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