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Decorative Ceramic Tile with a Turkey picture is a very cute holiday décor for your home.
The Turkey picture is transferred on the tile with the decal paper.

The tile is ready to hang. The back of the tile is secured with a cork backing, so it does not scratch the walls.
Also you can put it on a stand in any place. The stand that you can see in the pictures is only to show, not included in your order.


This tile can be not only your own home decoration but also an excellent gift for everyone.

TURKEY (24) Hand Decorated Ceramic Tile 6"x 6"

SKU: T-024
    1. List #: T-024
    2. Tile: ceramic, white
    3. Tile size: 6"x6"
    4. Finish: hanger, cork back pad
    5. Decoration: transfered picture with decal paper
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