Become a Consignor

Sabko Gallery – is also as a Consignment store, so if you live near us and you will want to sell your product, please visit us for more information.

Below you can find our Consignment Agreement. Please read it. If you agree to our offer, or you will have any question, please contact us by this website or come to our store in Raritan

You are Welcome!

This agreement is being made between …………………… as a Consignor and Sabko Gallery as a Consignee with ........................ Gallery owner, on ……………….

1. Consignor has turned over the goods described in the attachment #1 for this Agreement, which shall remain property of the Consignor until they are sold. Any other goods can be added to this agreement as the next attachment.


2. Consignee operates an online or retail store or other sales outlet and agrees to make her best effort to sell Consignor's goods.


3. Consignee agrees to return to Consignor, upon demand, any unsold merchandise. The goods must be returned in the same or similar condition, unless this is impossible due to shopper damage or theft.


4. Consignee, at her own discretion, may opt to return unsold goods to Consignor at any time.


5. Consignee agrees to sell the goods at the following price points, with markdowns allowed as described below:

a) Consignor set all basic pricing,

b) Consignee could to make any discounts, promotions, no more than ……... % off,

c) all goods are subject to the sales tax law,


6. Consignor agrees / does not agree (circle which applies) to disclose his/her name on his/her products as: “Made by …”


7. Consignee agrees that all proceeds due, minus 30% commission, will be available to Consignor by cut a check on 10th of the month following month when items were sold.


8. This agreement can be terminated by either with Consignor or Consignee at any time.