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Mini Land of Second-Hand

Do you have used items that you no longer need and they are in good or very good condition?

There are too few of them for the garage or yard sale?

Sell them with us!


Examples of acceptable items:

Footwear - Baby/Kids/Juniors/Women's/Men's

Jewelry & Accessories - Jewelry, Handbags, Wallets,
Housewares - Small appliances, Dishes, Glasses, Knick-Knacks, Seasonal

Toys - Small toys, games
Tools - Small hand tools

Vintage & Collectibles - Small items

Decorations - Small home decorations, lamps


Examples of not acceptable items:

Clothing, Outerwear
Linens & Rugs
CDs, DVDs, Records, Computers, Phones


Primary place for selling second-hand items is our retail store in Raritan. Some items can be also offered by this website.

Due to the limited space, the Gallery reserves the right to temporarily limit the number and type of items accepted.

Bringing items for sale only by appointment.

Below you can find our Consignment Agreement. Please read it. If you agree to our offer, contact us to make an appointment:

-by this website,

-by email,

-by phone 908-240-1217 (The best time to call for it is 12pm-5pm, if I can't pick up - please leave a message).

If you need more information, please visit our store.


You are Welcome!

Consignment Agreement


Consignor has turned over the goods described in the attachment #1 for this Agreement, which shall remain property of the Consignor until they are sold. Any other goods can be added to this agreement as the next attachment. Due to the limited space, the Gallery reserves the right to temporarily limit the number and type of items accepted.

All goods require pre-approval by Sabko Gallery.  No minimum resale value.

There is a ONE TIME ONLY nonrefundable processing fee due at signing agreement time:

*$0 if resale value for total items in the one attachment is less than $60,

*$10 if resale value for total items in the one attachment is $60 or more.  

Items must be of good quality, in good condition, assembled, clean, odor/pet free and ready for resale.  Items that arrive with damage, sun fading, stains, wear, or odor (smoke, pet, mildew, etc.) will not be accepted.

While all reasonable efforts will be made to keep consigned items clean and safe from damage; Sabko Gallery is not responsible for LOSS or DAMAGE to consigned articles from fire, water, theft, damages, or other casualty.  Please ensure that all items are covered under your homeowner's policy or such other insurance as you deem appropriate.

 The Terms may be revised at any time by Sabko Gallery.  This agreement's terms and conditions shall be applied to any item(s) accepted prior to any revisions.  


Pricing is established by Consignor.

All goods are subject to the sales tax law.

The price will reduce from the starting amount 10% every 20 days with a final markdown of 20%.

The consignment period for each item begins when the item is priced and available for sale and ended when item will be sold or 20 days after the price reach the final markdown - what will be earlier.

The consignment period can be terminated by either with Consignor or Consignee at any time without any fees.


Consignee's commission is 30% of the actual selling price of each item.

The consignor's payout will be available by check or by cash by 10th of the month following month when items were sold.


If the goods are not sold, the owner is obliged to pick up unsold items within 5 days from the end of the contract. Contact the store to arrange a day to do it.

Consignors are responsible for bringing their own packing material for all items.

Unsold items not picked up by owner become a property of Sabko Gallery.


I certify that I am the rightful owner of these items and/or have the authority to sell them on consignment.

Sabko Gallery will be held harmless from any disputes if this is violated.

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