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Do you have a plain twine at home?

If yes, you can do with it beautiful, unusual, and unique decorations for your home, porch, garden, for you.


Are you ready to run your new macramé adventure?


It is very easy! At the beginning, it's enough to know the 3 basic weaves of macramé and you are ready to create a lot of kinds of plant hangers or wall hangings. Later, when you will get more experience and you will be more advanced - tablecloths, laces, handbags, belts, and more, more - whatever you want.


Are you surprised - only 3? Yes, only 3, because the rest is already your fantasy and inventiveness. Now is the time that you can start your macramé adventure.


Learn how to make your own gorgeous macramé in one of our beginner macramé classes! No prior experience is needed. 

Due to COVID-19, in order to keep a safe distance,

the number of places per session is limited to 4 people.

The use of masks is recommended.

Please remember, each Workshop has a different date.

You can buy the course online or in the store in Raritan.

If you buy online, during checkout please choose STORE PICKUP option.

If you are younger than 16, you must come with a parent.

The pictures on this page are only as a pattern, your work will be different. 

Before purchase please read our Terms.

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