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Do you like cats? If yes, this picture is for you. A beautiful, expressive portrait of a cat will be an amazing accent in your favorite place.


 Original painting, acrylic paints on the canvas panel. 

The frame on the photos is vintage item, used previously. It is in a good condition but if you will want to use own  frame, it is easy to change. 


Author: Ryszard Ludynia


CAT'S HEAD (191) original, acrylic painting on canvas panel, 11"x11",

SKU: O-191
    1. List #: 22/191
    2. Author: Ryszard Ludynia
    3. Created: 2022
    4. Dimensions of artwork: 11" x 11"
    5. Finish: vintage used frame, wood with silver ornaments
    6. Frame size: 13.5" x 13.5"
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